Spork-Fed Vegan Cuisine

Spork Foods is a Los Angeles based vegan food company owned and operated by sisters Jenny and Heather Goldberg. I recently had the pleasure of taking their gluten-free, vegan cooking class called "Meat and Potatoes". Located in charming West Hollywood, the studio kitchen space has a modern, yet cozy feel. Students sit around a huge island, where the girls cook and demonstrate their techniques. The classes are presentation style the sister's charm makes you feel like a welcome friend. They go into detail about the products they use and where to find them. Check out the Spork Foods website, you can see the girls in action! Their enthusiasm is contagious www.sporkfoods.com.

The Menu:

Creamed Swiss Chard with Toasted Almonds
Apple Bourbon Braised Tempeh Cutlets
Spicy Oven Fries with Home-made Beet Ketchup
Velvety Chocolate Mousse Pie  

The class was filled with like-minded health conscious people, and at the end everyone sat down family style and enjoyed the foods they prepared for us. It was a lot of fun and I met some really interesting people.

Everything on the menu was delicious, even the beet ketchup. I am not a fan of eating beets, but I know they offer a wide variety of health benefits. They are a rich source of folate as well as natural red pigments that may fight cancer. Since I don't like the flavor, I'm always searching for different ways to get beets into my diet. I want the cancer fighting benefits! I will juice beets along with my other vegetables and drink it down as fast as possible. It was fun to discover that I enjoyed beet ketchup. 

At the end of class they give you the recipes to take home. I also purchased their latest cookbook Spork-Fed: Super Fun and Flavorful Vegan Recipes from the Sisters of Spork Foods. The foreword is written by Emily and Zooey Deschanel. Here is a link to their book on Amazon.

"The Spork girls are knowledgeable, creative and fun. Did I say fun? The food is delicious and you always feel entertained after a class. Its like having your own talking, breathing cookbook!"   
—Emily Deschanel- longtime vegan and star of the Fox hit series Bones  

The Spork sisters also have an online cooking class. This is awesome for folks who can't get to Los Angeles in person. Spork online is a membership-based website for anyone who wants to learn how to prepare fun, easy, delicious, vegan recipes. The classes are shot and edited in HD by professional filmmakers to create an entertaining and engaging experience. Once a month a new cooking class, featuring a themed four-course meal, is posted online and available to members. The classes are filmed with an eclectic group of students (including celebrities, authors, activists, farmers, parents, entrepreneurs and more) that spark interesting conversation around the dinner table and offer their own expertise.  Check them out.

To our health!

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