My friends and family got tired of my free (aka unsolicited) health advice so I decided to expand and share my free advice with the world. Welcome to My Shepard’s Pie, a combination of healthy food, comfort food, healing food and other random stuff.

My family has a background in natural therapies and my upbringing was very healthy. I've always had a passion for alternative health and have done extensive research over the past 20 years. My area of interest is in naturopathic medicine, which uses nature to restore people health and focuses on self healing. 

Along with my interest in natural health, I have a passion for food. Eating food, cooking food, reading about food, looking at food...I'm always thinking about food. About 20 years ago I became a vegetarian, which changed my outlook on health and life, but not my appetite!

My Shepard's Pie follows my love for food, my views on health, and my attempts to learn how to do everything else.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Emails can be sent to myshepardspie@gmail.com. Or you can leave a comment on one of my posts.

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

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