Frame Makeover - Beachy Shabby Chic

I used to live near the ocean in a beach city. I tried to cast my eyes on the water everyday, even if it was just for a moment. Now I live inland and although I have a salt water pool, the closest ocean view is 40 miles away. I wanted to bring the ocean closer to I decided to redo my bathroom with a coastal theme. I found a cool starfish, a driftwood candle holder, several hurricane lanterns and a "port hole" style aged mirror. I added some sand to my hurricane and driftwood lanterns and kept the colors neutral.

Now I just needed an ocean picture. I found the perfect photo, it was from a vacation we had in Laguna Beach, CA. I looked online but couldn't find a reasonably priced coastal looking I made my own.

I went garage sale-ing and found a simple 8x10 wood frame for $1.00. Challenge accepted!

Using medium grain sand paper, sand frame well. Dust and wipe the frame with a clean cloth.  Lay down newspaper and spray the frame with black spray paint. The base and top coat can be whatever colors you choose.  I wanted black and white, with dominant white.  I used Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Flat Black as my bottom color. Make sure to cover all the edges evenly. Spray paint is very easy.  Let frame dry for 24 hours, protected from the environment. 

After 24 hours, lay down more newspaper and spray paint white. I used Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Flat White. This time let it dry for 48 hours. It needs to be 100% dry before proceeding. Once it's dry, use a piece of fine grain sandpaper and lightly sand the areas of the frame that you want the black to show through. I sanded areas that would naturally get scuffed with age.

I ordered a 5x7 print of my Laguna Beach picture and picked up some white matting for under $10.  My beach picture was complete. I love it. Now I can get ready with an ocean view! 

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