Book Club

My new books have arrived! As I mentioned in my Small Changes Required post back in January, one of my goals this year is to read more books. To quote my boyfriend Jake (who makes a killer Veggie Chili), "reading is like jogging for the mind"... and my mind could use a workout.

I saw Michael Moss, author of Salt, Sugar, Fat, a few weeks ago on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. I ordered his book moments after the interview ended. Michael Moss, is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, and through his investigations he was able to get executives of the world's largest food companies to admit that they have only one maximize sales and profits. He was able to acquire startling confessions and reveal how they deliberately entice consumers by stuffing their products with salt, sugar, and fat. I think this is an important book for everyone to read. Here is a link to Salt, Sugar and Fat on Amazon.

The Beauty Detox Foods, is Kimberly Snyder's latest and greatest book. I am a fan and follow Kimberly Snyder. I purchased her previous book, The Beauty Detox Solution and I subscribe to her email newsletter. Her principles are simple and represent a popular voice for change. Health from the inside out. Her new book is loaded with beautiful 4-color pictures and recipes that look spectacular. Here is a link to The Beauty Detox Foods on Amazon.

Happy reading!

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