Goodbye winter. Hello spring.

10 suggestions to help you enjoy this season to it's fullest:

  • Go for a walk each day. While walking, try to be present and observe everything around you in detail. You will be amazed at how much we pass by and don't notice.
  • Put away your winter clothes and donate anything you haven't worn in over a year.
  • Take a trip to your local farmers market and buy some fresh produce. If you find fennel, try making this delicious Caramelized Fennel crostini appetizer.
  • Give your house a spring cleaning. Clean space, clean mind. You will feel more organized and less stressed.
  • Buy yourself some flowers.
  • Plan a healthy picnic and reconnect with nature.
  • Set aside time to read. It can be a cookbook, a magazine, a book, anything. Just sit down in a chair and read for a minute.
  • Send a card to a friend just to say "hello".
  • Get a haircut or change your hair color.
  • Practice meditation. You can meditate anywhere, anytime. My preference is to find a comfy spot in the sun and focus on my breathing for 5-10 minutes. Inhale, exhale, that's it. Clear your mind of all other thoughts and just focus on your breathing. You will feel refreshed and relaxed.

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