Pizza Workshop

Mmmmm Pizza....always one of my favorites. After my recent trip to New York, however, I've been even more obsessed. It happened on a cold afternoon in Greenwich Village, I had the perfect slice of cheese pizza. The crust was thin and crispy but still had air bubbles, I was in heaven. How can I make a crust like this at home? My previous attempts did not turned out very light and crispy, so I signed up for a Pizza Workshop at the Saute Culinary Academy in Los Angeles. Here is a link to their website

At the helm of the Saute Culinary Academy is Chef Alexander Reyes. As a graduate and lead instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Reyes offers classes that develop strong foundations in culinary techniques while exploring foods from around the world. 

The workshop was three hours. It was fast paced, entertaining, informative, and most importantly ended with me eating pizza. I learned some new techniques and had a great time.

Chef Alex Reyes and Chef Scott
"Cook with love and great flavors will shine though" - Chef Alex Reyes

Happy Pizza Making!

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