Quick Desert Getaway

It was 106 degrees in Los Angeles last Friday.  My sister had a Groupon for two nights in Indian Wells, which is 30 minutes East of Palm Springs, that was about to expire.  Even though we were having a heat wave and it would be even hotter in the desert, we decided to go and try to have a weekend of relaxation...with a pool and A/C!

The Eastbound drive out of Los Angeles has always been one of my favorites. There is something therapeutic about the desert for me.  It contrasts and balances hectic city life.  As soon as I see the landmark windmills and my favorite date shake stand...I know relaxation is nearby.  Palm Springs and the surrounding desert cities don't look like your typical desert, but more like a man made oasis.  Luscious green grass, colorful flowers and palm trees line the streets and there are water fountains, lakes and of course golf courses everywhere!

Our agenda for the weekend was as follows...eat, nap, lounge by pool, read magazines and repeat.  It was a grueling schedule! The only time we ventured off the hotel premises was to go to dinner Saturday night in nearby Old Town La Quinta. 

Main Street in Old Town La Quinta is lined with quaint shops and restaurants. It was off-season and the crowds were at a minimum as the shops were only open from 11-4pm.  When the weather cools, they have outdoor concerts, art shows and weekly farmers market in the square.  We heard laughter and music at the end of the picturesque street and followed the sound to The Wine Bar at Old Town.   

We had a glass of white wine while browsing the adjoining wine shop.  My sister spotted a restaurant across the tiny street that looked like a local favorite and we could hear music.  The Grill on Main had a live band and according a kindly gentleman outside, had "great burgers".   We settled into a pub table on the patio and ordered two peach sangrias.  

Most restaurants in the desert have water misting machines set up to keep the patrons on the patio cool, which is a refreshing feature.  It seems like a waste of water to me but it did work.  I ordered a vegetarian burger with sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese...delicious!  The gentleman outside wasn't kidding, it was a great burger.  I'm not sure I know how those onion rings got on my plate but since they were there, I had to eat them.

It was a relaxing getaway of great food, refreshing libations and exquisite scenery that I would highly recommend. Especially if you're looking for a quick retreat from big city life.

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